From ATA Carnet to hazardous materials we have you covered

ATA Carnet Services

Because we are one of the only ATA Carnet distribution centers in the US, we now offer 24/7 same-day clearance, distribution and processing. Often described as the merchandise passport, ATA Carnet allows you to avoid paying duties and taxes on temporary imports or exports. Learn more →

Customs Brokerage

Whether you're a large corporation or an individual, we are licensed to help you complete all the documentation and processing needed to clear your goods through US customs. We even coordinate with our hand-selected network of agents domestically and in foreign nations.

Freight Forwarding

We handle domestic and international frieght using a wide variety of methods including air, ocean, ground, rail, and hand carry. We always provide multiple options for each unique project to find the best match for your timeline, budget, and shipment size.

Packing & Crating

Before your items are shipped, it's important to ensure that they're protected and packed properly. We have experience packing and crating everything from dangerous goods to perishables to camera cranes.

Hazardous Materials

When shipping lithium ion batteries and other hazardous materials it's important to follow proper packing and certification regulations to ensure that your shipments are safe for travel and are not delayed.

Whatever it Takes

At Film Logic we're not limited by a list of services. Our main focus is solutions. When challenges arise our team works hard to come up with unconventional, creative options for the most difficult situations.