Antarctica (AQ)

Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Professional Equipment, and Exhibitions and Fairs

ATA Carnet Specifics

ATA Carnets may be used to travel to Antarctica if the customs jurisdiction immediately prior to entering Antarctica is a member of the ATA system. For example, if customs clearance is made through a New Zealand customs checkpoint, the ATA Carnet will be an accepted means of customs clearance. If on the other hand, the goods enter the territorial claim of Argentina, an ATA Carnet will not be accepted, as Argentina is not part of the ATA system. Prior to departing, ensure you have verified that the territory you are visiting accepts ATA Carnets by checking territorial claims of Antarctica.

For more details please contact your ATA Carnet Service Desk at .1800.Carnets (800.227.6387) or by Email:

Trade Shows

At this time there are no known trade shows in Antarctic.