Bosnia & Herzegovina (BA)

Accepts ATA Carnets for Commercial Samples, Professional Equipment, and Exhibitions and Fairs

ATA Carnet Guarantee Association

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Branislava Djurdjeva 10
71000 Sarajevo
Tel: (387) 33.566.173
Fax: (387) 33.226.425

Embassy in the U.S.

Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina

2109 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20037 USA
Tel: 202.337.1500
Fax: 202.337.1502

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ATA Carnet Specifics


If the goods are unable to re-export within the validity of the Carnet contact your ATA Carnet Service Representative to obtain a Replacement Carnet.
All holders should keep as much documentation (e.g. Lockdown notice, airline ticket cancellations/re-bookings, hotel reservations extensions etc.) as possible to support their cases.

ATA Carnet Specifics:

At this time there are no specific requirements for entering Bosnia and Herzegovina on an ATA Carnet.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Customs

Trade Shows

ZEPS INTERMETAL: International Metal industry fair
RENEXPO: International renewable energies and energyefficiency conference and trade show
RENEXPO BIH: International Trade Fair and Conferences on Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina